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Updated: Feb 25

I often ask myself " what is your why, Jillaine".

Why do I do what I do and say what I say.

Is it to to protect many from the pain and trauma experienced over time by physical,emotional, spiritual and financial warfare, or is it because of compassion.

Questions I need to answer to Our Heavenly Father oneday and give account for my stay here on earth. Was I an asset to His Company on earth or a risk.

After I fell ill, I bargained for healing, I begged for mercy, I changed my mind on my past experiences and I saw it as tools for growth and preperation for my journey with God, I did not want to leave this earth knowing that in a bed that confined me for days and months that my time is up and its soon over. Knowing that I would die with regrets is the most painful experience to endure, not being able to care for myself and speak was the best learning experience I was forced to be comfortable with. My mind was filled with past images and memories. Some beautiful some not so beautiful. But the regret of not doing your hearts desire and fullfilling your dreams was the hardest subject to learn.

This is how I got better, I decided to Do and not have regrets because oneday when I am faced with same test I can tell God ," Father I tried and I have no regrets".

I tried to help that family in despair, I cleaned that wound, I picked the dirt up, I provided care to the best of my ability but with YOU I over exceeded".

I believe this is where I am misunderstood and many people cannot understand the depth of what I am doing. They think its personal and I am seen as a threat or thief in the midst but the truth is, I am doing it to win Gods heart not yours, I am doing it to spread His Love to the weak and vulnerable not to be favoured amongst man(male and female) with wrong intentions and a hateful outlook.

I am doing it because when I had nothing He showed me Pure Love,Joy and Kindness and thats all I needed to be happy, healthy and manage any circumstance in my path because God gave me the tools on a sick bed.

Once again it happened, slandered by hate speech and jealousy and once again I rise, I will continue my journey, I will speak the truth and sometimes it hurts the soul but the truth will be revealed.

Compassion in Maternal and Family Care is the abilty to add value in applying your spiritual,emotional, physical, theoritical knowledge to reach people by teaching and advocating the purest and simplest form of curing all disease and sin and its through LOVE.


This will hit someones nerve but its true: I want to make you aware of this.

If someone I know on this earth judged me as a negative and slandered my work and spread little birdie stories says," oneday when I die, I will go to Heaven and be with God and His angels in His Kingdom and be happy forever", I will be sad because if you cannot love here on earth and have compassion for each other on earth, if you cant respect and love your neighbour this very moment and still believe that you will go to heaven, I will think that heaven will feel like hell for many because the very people you hate or dislike will be there and me too.

So if you dont like them or me here, how will you love them or me there because God The Almighty is in ALL of us and EVERYWHERE and ONE and when you hate and hurt them, you doing it to ONE because as science proves we all came from The Big Bang, we all are atoms when broken down to the simplest form, we are all particles of some element belonging and coming from God, we All came from and belong to ONE.

Compassion through JLK CARE by spreading firstly and fore mostly Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self control thats what we all need to heal and recover and DO ONE.

next blog to follow,

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