I cannot sleep

Many nights and early morning hours the majority of us are awake, tossing and turning and we just CANNOT sleep.

WHY ? ........

I found that when we cannot sleep and something is on our mind or we are troubled with stress and burdens, its because the Holy Spirit wants to minister to us at this time. Its the best time to hear Him and its the best time to find solutions to problems in our lives by listening to Him.

That nagging thought that keeps us awake for hours is The Holy Spirit trying to get your attention. Its the only time that we can clearly hear and see our thoughts and its the time when The Holy Spirit can reveal to us solutions to many problems because the WORLD is sleeping. When the world is sleeping and its quiet, thats when you most creative and disciplined. Distractions in many forms IS SLEEPING at this hour and when there is peace and quiet, God shows up and can be heard.

I call it conversations with Him, quality time with Him.

Very often when we cannot sleep, we make a very common mistake by reaching for sleeping pills to force us back to sleep. I believe that if we listen to Him, He will tell us how to solve many problems in our lives.

Its Him, The Holy Spirit waking us up or keeping us up because He has a message for us or He wants to chat to us.

Reach out to His word and listen to His voice.

He will give you rest,

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