I was moved this morning by the leading comment by a supporting women in my vision,without hesitation my answer to her was ,DEPENDANT on Our Creator .

It lead me back to the Library of GOD and the book of Exodus 1 verse 15 .

This has capitavated me and I was in amazement and gratitude ever since I found this verse in Gods Library and was complelled to read the story many years ago.

This verse spoke volumes to me,it did not say physian ,it did not say practioner,it did not say DR ,it says"midwifes".

WOW ,I thought God has favour on midwifes, he speaks to the midwife to advocate for her patients under her care,He directs her mind ,body and spirit in such a way that it leads to Saving a nation, I can shout AMEN,SELAH , ALL ON MY OWN and feel the Joy ,Love and Kindness He is directing me to manifest in His company JLK maternal Care.

Thought I must share .

Thankyou Lord for Midwifes

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