A simple but very true definition of natural means -

existing in or derived from nature, not made or caused by humankind.


It is a noun.

A process of giving birth to a child.

Through teaching, encouraging and support each and every mom gets mentored and supervised about Natural Childbirth, to take control and trust your natural instincts and to work with your body and listen to the messages you are so often forced to ignore. I help change the fear of pain into strength through the power of your contracting uterus and i am there to keep you safe and act only in emergencies as trained and skilled. I teach union with your body, mind and spirit not seperation. This is the key to all my care and techniques as a professional. I follow divine and spiritual law governed and orchestrated by the universe and Creator.

I often ask myself, why is childbirth presented as a problem and diagnosis rather than a natural process.

Why are so many women in FEAR and AFRAID to go through a NATURAL PROCESS as GIVING BIRTH TO A CHILD.

Well I figured it out, Its lack of one on one quality information, education and support and long antenatal care.

(I do not offer group teachings as I found that pregnancy and birth is very intimate and some clients are not comfortable with large crowds and group discussions.)

My Antenatal and Education classes are intimate, confidential, unique and specialised to your specific needs and together we plan and train and work together creating a birthplan that you are comfortable with. By this you are empowered, You are well informed and every choice you make is the best informed choice for You and your family. With your partner or husband together we are a unit and we are the JLK Team.

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