Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Obedience in a time of crisis is the best way of management. Most world leaders, businesses and government will come together with expertise and passions all rolled into one where we actually will start working TOGETHER. In a crisis there is no discrimation, no rasicm, no corruption just obedience.

The One has spoken and even if you have your opinion as to who or what caused it, it will not matter, we will all have to be obedient to the law.

The law is made to protect you, not to harm you.

By being disobedient to the law you put yourself in danger and also many other innocent. This law we will abide in will change humankind forever because your very action can cause your outcome whether its good or bad, life or death. You are responsible.

Repentance, Our Lord and Saviour came to teach this, it has nothing to do with religion, i believe its all got to do with changing your mind and behaviour from your past ways because if you do not change your ways, The law will judge you.

The word repentance has a profound meaning to me.

It tells me that we are to change the way we think back to our original thinking, the day Eve got deceived by Satan was the day she doubted the Lord in mind and her thinking was changed.

She acted on it because the thought was put in her mind to doubt, the thought played and played and eventually she acted and disobeyed the Law, which is the word and their disobedience caused there removal of Gods presence.

Our Heavenly Father is Righteous and Just and He will never go back on His word especially Law. God does not judge, the law does.

I am sure many of us will agree on the fact that when you disobey the law you will have a penalty to pay, either a fine or jail time.

You see how everything connects and comes back to The ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD.

If we obeyed, if we practice hygeine, good eating habits, spreading His Fruits of His Spirits we will all see His Kingdom.

We constantly pray THE OUR FATHER.

Did you ever meditate and study the prayer for yourself.

Do you know our prayers are being answered.....

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I know there is no viruses in His Kingdom, I know their is obedience, I know there is ...


2. JOY








JLK Care and POMOSA will work with goverment and private sectors to spread this message and we will heal our nation in the comfort of their HOME.

We have been advocating this message since 2019 and we will advocate even more.

Obedience in The One FOREVER.


Jillaine, Visionary founder of JLK Intergrated Care and POMOSA

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