The Flame

There is something very intriguing to me about a Flame.

It reminds me of ABBA.

ABBA Our Almighty Heavenly Father CREATOR and MANUFACTURER of EVERYTHING good and bad for His Glory.

It reminds me of His burning Love and Holy Spirit.

And it reminds me that the very same flame, will consume and burn us when we disobey or disrepect His laws and nature.

The Holy Spirit of God is represented as a tongue of fire.

It also makes me wonder why we use heat to destroy and sterilize bacteria and germs on instruments and dressings, the whole bang lot.

So i realised that if we rely on high temperatures to kill viruses and bacteria and make goods sterilized.

Why would ABBA The Almighty not create a mechanism in His image(us) to destroy viruses and bacteria growth in our bodies?

So it became clear to me, He did.

That is what happens to us when we are ILL.

The enemy in the form of viruses and bacteria enter our gut, attacking our throats first and nose. Every illness starts with the throat and nose. Itchy, dry, scratchy throat and mucous build up is formed to trap the virus. So what do we do, we stop it cause it feels uncomfortable.

We medicate and stop.

We supposed to support and assist and help our bodies get rid of the enemy in the form of viruses by keeping ourselves hydrated and rest.

When we are misinformed then it leads to a disruption in Gods perfect plan and design for us.

We stop the fire within us, once the viruses passes through and spreads, God planned and designed our own steriliztion mechanism to kick in and destroy the enemy in the form of viruses and bacteria just incase we did not get the message. So Our internal furnace switches on, heats up to kill the enemy and it goes on in stages till the enemy is destroyed. Very important to remember that with heat comes dehydration and dryness, so keep hydrated and moist so that the body can do its natural healing ordained by God.

Everything is and will always be owned and governed by The Almighty Father.

Everything is His alone, so have Faith in the ONE who made YOU.

Through the Power of The Holy Spirit, thank you ABBA

love Jillaine

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